General Chairs Message

Welcome to the 7th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystem Technologies 2013 (IEEE DEST 2013), taking place from July 24-26, 2013 in Palo Alto, USA. IEEE DEST 2013 is setup to stimulate co-innovation by a mix of researchers and innovation adopters from academia, industry, NGOs, and public authorities.
Situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, it´s right in the epicenter of the Digital Ecosystem revolution. The research and innovation ecosystem here is legendary, fuelled by the unique spirit and entrepreneurship of The Valley and The Bay Area. Bridging the Bay, UC Berkeley and Stanford University are world renown for their global impact in science and technology, trends setting in society and ecology/sustainability, and economic development. Companies such as IBM, Intel, Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and numerous other technology drivers are in direct proximity. From San Jose to Woodside to Berkeley, innovation in the ecosystem is "in the air" – today as much as in the past decades. IEEE DEST 2013 will take place in the heart of the Silicon Valley, at stunning conference locations in Paolo Alto and at Stanford University. People around the globe enjoy the Californian Way of Life, blending it´s vibrant socio-technoligical momentum with the tranquility of the Pacific, it´s redwood forests, and San Francisco and Berkeley as the spirited places for those who still see it as the counter-culture centre of the Sixties. Free Speech and "Flower Power" are forever in Berkeley´s and San Francisco´s "DNA", as much as Venture Capital Companies and technology leaders team up in The Valley. IEEE DEST 2013 taps and gets involved into this ecosystem. We look forward to all your international contributions, creating together a sustainable momentum of innovation. We look forward to your involvement!

Josephine Cheng

IBM Ltd.

Michael Condry

Intel Corp.


Achim P. Karduck

Furtwangen University