TRACK B: Convergence of Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures Track co-Chairs

Track co-Chairs:

• Paolo Ceravolo, University of Milan, Italy
• Ralph Deters, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
• Balan Pillai, Standford University, USA
• Christian Wagner, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The ICT infrastructure underlying digital ecosystem must ensure the basis for digital ecosystems' economic operation. Track B will include contributions on how the ICT infrastructure can enable Digital Ecosystems by providing the required connectivity, mobility, availability, and security solutions. Typically, members of an ecosystem employ technological agents to procure products and access services on their behalf in order to achieve collective and individual goals. The ICT infrastructure needs to provide solution ensuring that the ecosystem's resources are available as and when they are legitimately needed, protecting confidential information from loss and avoiding corruption of information.

The focus of Track B is on, but not limited to:

  •     Knowledge representation and management in Digital Ecosystems
  •     Secure Information Exchange in Digital Ecosystems
  •     Models and Technologies for Human-Space Computing
  •     Processes and Services in Cyber-Physical Systems
  •     Collaborative Systems