TRACK F: Healthcare and Sustainable Living

Track co-Chairs:

• Rémi Bastide, ISIS-University Centre for Health Informatics, Carmaux, France
• Harold Boley, University of New Brunswick, Canada
• Amadou Sienou, Abamix Research, Germany
• Matthew Smith, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

eHealth, Telemedicine, and Bio-System Research Systems all describe approaches to improving the capacity of healthcare systems through fundamental and applied research, technology, and services. Researchers and companies are, for example, exploring the use of sensor devices, human-system interfaces, and medical record systems in order to provide radically new solutions for helping patients.

These advances require structural changes as well as technological development. Societies are facing an increase in chronic degenerative diseases that require monitoring and long-term patient management, the growing desire of patients to be treated in a family environment in order to protect their social ties, and, finally, a need to reduce costs. These factors necessitate a new strategic orientation in services offered by healthcare systems, in particular the transfer of a large portion of care activities from the hospital to the patient’s residence.
We are looking for papers that address medium-scale/large-scale and medium-term/long-term challenges for healthcare and sustainable living, and indicate/demonstrate potential solutions.