Track H: Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Track co-chairs:

• Martin Anda, Murdoch University, Australia
• Neil Brown, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University, UK
• David Goodfield, Murdoch University, Australia

Cyber-Physical Energy Systems address the merging of IT and energy infrastructures, with the aim of achieving more energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyles. The coordination of the various stakeholders involved in the future energy market raises many challenges, for example the data-intensive and complex event processing required. An example is provided by research driven by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the use of new and renewable energy technologies, and provide a high-quality, comfortable, safe and efficient built environment. Such applied research aims to exploit the potential of information technology to boost energy efficiency and minimize our environmental footprint, while preserving or improving the quality of life for every individual in every nation.
We are looking for papers that address medium-scale/large-scale and medium-term/long-term challenges for cyber-physical energy systems, and indicate/demonstrate potential solutions.