Track I: Collaborative Platforms for Sustainable Logistics and Transportation

Track Co-Chairs:
• Frederick Benaben, Ecole de Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, France
• Farookh Hussain, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
 Eddie pereira, Curtin University, Australia

Across application domains, organizations and enterprises (such as Small-Medium Enterprises) gain their strengths from flexible market orientation, agile value chains and cluster-based innovation capacity. The changing global (business) environment challenges all organizations to aim for agility and performance-driven management through process-focused thinking. These challenges reach far beyond the business world, affecting for example the formation and coordination of emergency teams in case of environmental disasters.
For the effective collaboration of all the partners in such scenarios, the agility aspect of the Digital Ecosystem paradigm demands explicit support for risk management and collaboration. Agility implies the continuous improvement and reengineering of the business processes involved. However, the outcome of such process management efforts is risky because of the lack of operational information about future processes, so risk management is a key component. Similarly, collaboration support is required to allow real-time information sharing and interaction of the parties involved, for example in case of deviation from the agreed-upon target process.
We are looking for papers that address medium-scale/large-scale and medium-term/long-term challenges for collaboration in the domain of logistics, including risk-management scenarios (e.g. after the occurrence of an environmental disaster), and that indicate/demonstrate potential solutions.