Track J: Fuzzy Semantic computing in digital ecosystems

Track co-Chairs:

• Morteza Saberi, Curtin University, Australia 
Edy Portman, BISC, Berkeley University, USA
• Ali Azadeh, University of Tehran
• Alireza Faed, Curtin University, Australia 


Semantic computing deals with semantic information from texts such as structured data, video, audio, written content, etc. Because of the structure of fuzzy logic, it is suitable for a semantic computing technique environment. Fuzzy semantic computing is also a suitable technique that can strengthen ICT to support different digital ecosystems.

The primary focus of this special session is about the issues and challenges related to Fuzzy Semantic computing in digital ecosystems and invites research submissions on all topics related to fuzzy semantic computing (FSC) and digital ecosystem, but not limited to:

  • Fuzzy ontology
  • Z number reasoning
  • Fuzzy semantic reasoning
  • Fuzzy pattern matching
  • Fuzzy semantic typing
  • Fuzzy Semantic Clustering
  • Web mining based on fuzzy semantic models
  • Fuzzy semantic web
  • Fuzzy semantic retrieval techniques
  • Fuzzy semantic networks
  • Fuzzy semantic matching